A master class on privacy, ethics and technology for data & risk professionals

PROPOSED TOPIC: Creating a risk management framework to mitigate privacy and ethical risk across the life cycle of technology and data projects (including collection, management, storage, analysis and use of data) and in the face of rapidly advancing technology (advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.)


As most companies leverage data to optimize their operations and drive innovative business models, integrating privacy and ethics considerations to their processes is essential. A Master Class on privacy, ethics and technology for data and risk professionals at organizations will provide an overview of the risk management principles an organization should considering when conducted data-driven projects in its business, esp. in relation to governance aspects relevant for emerging technology projects, such as AI ones The class is suitable for data & risk professionals, IT professionals, lawyers, and business executives at organizations that collect and analyze a significant amount of personal data in their business, or anyone interested in learning more about privacy and ethical considerations in data projects.


The master class will cover a wide range of topics related to managing privacy and ethical risks in data projects, including;

a) Establishing a privacy and ethics mindset for your organization; How to develop a simple mindset, useful across jurisdictions, that will put your organization in a position to mitigate privacy and ethical risk in data projects.

b) dentifying the challenges to successful privacy and ethical risk management in data projects; How to identify and address the significant challenges that can lead to privacy and ethical issues in data projects.

c) The building blocks of a successful privacy and ethical risk management framework; How to develop a risk management framework that positions your organization to identify and mitigate privacy and ethical challenges in data projects.

d) Integrating the above into comprehensive technology governance framework; How to develop and strengthen adequate oversight, at board and senior management level, and second-line of defense functions.

The master class would be led by legal and risk managements experts who will provide practical insights into trends and best practices in the protecting privacy, ethical considerations in data projects, and AI ethics and governance issues. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions and case studies to deepen their understanding of the topics covered.

Overall, a Master Class on privacy, ethics and technology for data and risk professionals will be a valuable resource for organizations exploring how to utilize data analytics in their business processes and for those seeking to integrate good practices on data privacy, ethics and emerging technology governance to their existing processes. It will provide practical insights into how to design and implement effective risk management practices. The skills learned in this master class will help prepare organizations to deploy data analytics (including using AI or other disruptive technologies) in their business processes with appropriate risk management.