A panel on Africa’s Information Technology Landscape

SESSION TITLE: Ethical AI - Safeguarding Privacy in Africa's IT Landscape: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges for IT Players

Date: Wednesday 8th November, 2023 Time: 3:12pm-4:45pm (GMT +4)

Moderator: Gayatri Khandhadai - Head of Technology and Human Rights, Resource Centre

Speakers: Nirusha K., Mark Richard Gaffley, Prof. Jerry John Kponyo, Essa Mohamedali, Sakshi Dewoo


In recent years, the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed various sectors and industries across the globe. As Africa's IT landscape continues to expand, embracing the potential of AI is crucial for driving innovation, economic growth, and social development. However, with this technological progress, ethical considerations, particularly regarding privacy, become paramount. This session aims to shed light on the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing Ethical AI in Africa, with a specific focus on safeguarding privacy. By engaging IT players, policymakers, and stakeholders, this discussion seeks to foster a robust ethical framework to guide AI adoption in Africa.


• Explore the potential of AI in Africa's IT landscape and its impact on economic growth and societal development.

• Raise awareness about the ethical challenges and concerns related to AI, particularly in the context of privacy protection.

• Identify opportunities for leveraging Ethical AI to address existing privacy gaps and build trust among users in Africa.

• Discuss best practices, guidelines, and regulatory frameworks for integrating Ethical AI into Africa's IT ecosystem.

• Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing among IT players, policymakers, and stakeholders to establish a collective approach for ethical AI implementation.