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SESSION TITTLE: Tackling Hype in EdTech: Ensuring Limited Funding Supports Effective Interventions while Upholding Privacy and Data Protection

Date: Tuesday 7th November, 2023 Time: 10:52am -12:00pm (GMT +4)


This session will delve into the critical issue of addressing hype in the field of Educational Technology (EdTech) to ensure that limited funding is directed towards effective interventions. The discussion will revolve around the need for robust evaluation mechanisms, ethical considerations, and privacy and data protection measures when investing in EdTech initiatives. By examining the intersection of funding allocation, effectiveness assessment, and privacy concerns, the session aims to provide actionable insights for stakeholders involved in decision-making processes regarding EdTech investments.


Identifying Hype and Evaluating Effectiveness:

- Defining hype in the context of EdTech and its impact on decision-making.

- Strategies for assessing the effectiveness of EdTech interventions.

- Sharing best practices and case studies of successful evaluation methodologies.

Ensuring Ethical Considerations:

- Examining the ethical implications of funding allocation in EdTech.

- Balancing the drive for innovation with responsible investment practices.

- Exploring the role of ethics committees and guidelines in EdTech decision-making.

Privacy and Data Protection in EdTech:

- Highlighting the importance of privacy and data protection in EdTech interventions.

- Understanding the risks associated with data collection and storage in educational settings.

- Strategies for implementing strong privacy measures while promoting data-driven education.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

- Fostering collaboration between EdTech providers, researchers, and educational institutions to enhance effectiveness evaluation.

- Developing partnerships with privacy experts and regulators to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

- Sharing successful collaboration models and potential funding opportunities.

Policy and Regulation:

- Discussing the role of policymakers in addressing hype and ensuring effective use of limited funding.- Discussing the role of policymakers in addressing hype and ensuring effective use of limited funding.

- Examining existing policies and regulations related to EdTech funding and privacy.

- Identifying gaps and proposing policy recommendations to strike a balance between innovation, effectiveness, and data protection.