A panel on Emerging technologies and citizen’s rights in Africa

SESSION TITLE: Striking a Balance: Surveillance and National Security in Africa

Date: Wednesday 8th November, 2023 Time: 3:12pm-4:45pm (GMT +4)


It is important to note that technology itself is not inherently a threat to citizens, rather, it is how governments choose to deploy and utilize technology that can potentially cause risks to individuals rights and freedoms.

Hosted by: MISA


This panel discussion aims to delve into the complex relationship between emerging technologies and citizens’ rights in Africa.

It will explore the opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies and discuss how governments, civil society and citizens can work together to ensure the protection of fundamental rights in the digital age.


The discussion shall be in 3 parts, as follows:

1 What are African governments doing?

• What potential technologies are governments talking about?

• Look into the examples of countries that are introducing technologies that are oppressive.

2 Why is there lack of legal frameworks?

• Why is it a problem

• Comment on the oversight mechanisms in place if any

• What exactly or how do the governments violate people’s rights – is they any recourse available to them – any appeals

3 What has worked in other countries?

• What can people do?

• What can civil society do? – strategic litigation perhaps etc

• What can citizens do to protect their rights in such an environment.