Let’s talk session-2

PROPOSED TOPIC: Understanding the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) approach to privacy in the African context


IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. IFC has invested more than $60 billion in African businesses and financial institutions, with a current portfolio exceeding $12 billion. IFC is also a leading provider of advice to promote a sustainable private sector and mobilize capital from other investors who invest alongside IFC in critical sectors for Africa’s future. Consistent with the theme of this year’s Privacy Symposium, this includes a significant investment in Africa’s digital transformation, from mobile money applications to the expansion of broadband connectivity.

The IFC Data Privacy Office, led by its Chief Data Privacy Officer, has the mandate to establish and maintain the privacy posture and risk appetite for IFC and advises IFC business teams on privacy issues that arise in the exchange of personal data with clients, partners and vendors in Africa and across the globe.


In this session, IFC’s Chief Data Privacy Officer will discuss IFC’s approach to privacy, centered on the World Bank Group Personal Data Privacy Policy, how it applies its privacy principles when engaging with clients, partners and vendors in Africa and the privacy challenges and opportunities he sees in IFC’s African engagements.


Attending the session, participants will:

i) Learn about IFC’s approach to privacy in the African context.

ii) Understand the main challenges the IFC Data Privacy Office encounters when working with African clients, partners and vendors.

iii) Participate in a discussion on the importance of privacy and personal data protection to sustainable private sector growth in Africa.