West African Privacy Regional Engagement

DATE: Friday 16th June, 2023

TIME: 02:00 PM EAT, 12:00 PM WAT

FORMAT: Virtual (Zoom)


TITLE: Corporate Responsibility and Privacy Protection: The Role Of Civil Society In Fostering Corporate Accountability in West Africa

The session aims to discuss the importance of corporate responsibility and privacy protection in West Africa, and the role of civil society in fostering corporate accountability. The discussion will explore the challenges faced by civil society in holding corporations accountable for their actions and the need for stronger regulation and enforcement of privacy protection laws.


a) Overview of Corporate Responsibility and Privacy Protection in West Africa

b) The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Corporate Accountability

c) Challenges faced by Civil Society in Holding Corporations Accountable

d) Strategies for Strengthening Corporate Responsibility and Privacy Protection

e) Recommendations for Policy Makers and Stakeholders

Format: The session will be structured as a panel discussion, featuring experts in corporate responsibility, privacy protection, and civil society activism. Each panelist will present their perspectives on the topic, followed by a moderated discussion and Q&A session with the audience.