Let’s Talk


One of the key features of the event is the "Let's Talk"session, itis designed to encourage informal and interactive discussions. It provides a space for participant to share their experiences, opinions, and insights on a range of privacy-related topics, without the constraints of formal presentations or panel discussions.

The"Let's Talk" session at the Privacy Symposium Africa is an important part of the event, as it provides a platform for participants to engage in open and honest discussions on a variety of privacy-related topics. These sessions provide participants with a unique opportunity to share their experiences, opinions, and insights on the latest developments and challenges in the field of privacy and data protection. They are an important forum for promoting the importance of privacy and data protection in Africa.

As we continue to work towards finalizing the details of this year's "Let's Talk" segment, we will be updating this page with information on our guest speaker and the specific topic that will be covered. We encourage you to check back regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.